Scribd Content Categories

As our redesigned homepage continues to evolve, we have made it easier to discover the various types of documents, publishers and collections featured on our homepage.

Today, we launched category pages for our publications across a number of content verticals from food to science.

When publications are featured on the homepage, they are designated with a specific category. That clickable link takes you to a page that accumulates all relevant documents related to its category.

With millions of documents uploaded to Scribd each month, this feature allows readers an opportunity to read content-specific documents, and enable users an opportunity to discover the many types of publications our users upload.

In the coming weeks, a great example of this feature will be through our Election 2012 page, which accumulates all of the featured content that relates to the upcoming presidential election in November.

Once a user clicks on a content category, they will be able to see a curated list of all the category articles, as well as a list of Editor’s Picks including, publishers, readers and collections.

The full list of our live content pages includes:

Art & Design
The 2012 Election
In The News
Creative Writing

5 responses to “Scribd Content Categories

  1. I would really Like a Human response to the fact of why your website is illegally posting my social security number..It is against .California Law…Anybody!!!!HELLO,HElLOOO

  2. really like the redesigned home page plus all the new stuff thanks a heap.

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  4. Tưởng gì chứ món nài, Viet Nam tao tòn phơi khô, sài hok có hết

  5. Gr8 work, keep it up.

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