Save The Best For Later

We’re releasing a new feature that allows our readers to save content to read at a later time, across different platforms.

When you encounter an interesting document on Scribd, or your mobile device that you wish to read or reference later, you can do so by simply clicking “Save for later.

You can “Save for later” from any document page on Scribd, as well as Scribd for iPhone. Documents you save on Scribd for iPhone can be read on, and vice versa. To find content you have saved, simply visit the “Saved” menu (don’t forget to log in).

To enjoy this feature on your iPhone, update the Scribd application through the App Store. The new update also includes iPhone 5 support.

Here is a breakdown of where you can find this feature and how to use it.

Scribd For iPhone:

To save any document, tap the ‘Save’ icon. You can bookmark documents from the following locations within the Scribd app.


Reading Feed

To access your bookmarked documents, access the menu and then tap on ‘Saved.’

Bookmarking From

There are numerous places on our website where an authenticated user can bookmark documents including ‘Documents’ and ‘Collections.’ You can also save documents from the Activity Feed and the document read page.

Document Read Page:

Activity Feed:

Search Results

To access your saved documents, click on ‘My Documents‘ and ‘Saved Documents

11 responses to “Save The Best For Later


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    • Scribd allows wrtiers to publish their work to the Internet and it allows other users to comment on the published works. This way, authors and creators may receive feedback from their peers. This is nice, especially on the Internet when the author may not know the reviewer. This absence of a personal relationship would allow the reviewer to be more honest with the author, since everyone knows it can sometimes be difficult to be brutally honest with friends or acquaintances. This Internet based reviewing also allows for a lot more attention. If the author had to physically carry the document or laboriously send out and read through a bunch of e-mails coming from different places, this process could be daunting. With Scribd, all of the information, publishing and reviewing, is in one place. This is also an incredibly useful tool in a classroom setting since it allows students to publish things on the Internet for teachers to read. That eliminates the problem of losing papers or misplacing things, and it leaves the teacher with fewer things to drag home and then back to school again. In a German classroom setting, I believe this could be used in the very effective way of allowing students to write papers in German and then the teacher, and peers, can review them.

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