Reading Around the World: What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits

Have you ever wondered what your home country says about your reading interests and habits? Well, we’ve got a few insights – and some of the results might surprise you!

Thanks to our growing international community, we now have quite a few fun facts to share with you. So, we’ve created an international infographic so we could easily share some of our favorite figures: Popular Books By Country; Reading Speed By Country; Most Likely to Finish a Book; and Most Popular Book Genres.

Scribd_Info final

Did you know that Germans are zipping through books faster than anyone else in the world? Or that Canadians are the most likely to read a book until the end?

Some countries’ reading interests are perfectly in line with their national identities: the Brazilians, for example, are keeping their beach bodies by reading about Superfoods. Others are a bit more surprising – like the British, who are  very interested in sushi!

Genre preferences might surprise you as well: readers in Uruguay are getting hot and heavy with Romance titles, whereas in Spain, business books are the thing to read.

5 responses to “Reading Around the World: What Your Country Says About Your Reading Habits

  1. And in Russia they’re reading Slaughterhouse Five. Interesting

  2. Alex at Scribd

    A quick note on the methodology: we store piles of data in our data warehouse, including pages read, reading time, and geographic data. To find reading speed, we took the number of pages read by readers in each country, and divided that by their total reading time. To find a country’s most popular book, we looked at the most read books in each country, and weighted those against each book’s popularity across the globe. Similar methods were used to find the most popular book genres and the countries most likely to finish a book.

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